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Catch the Monkey Free Released for iPhone!

We’re happy to announce the launch of our new family friendly free game Catch the Monkey Free.

This is not a “lite” version, or crippleware, it’s an entirely self contained free game in the Catch the Monkey universe.

In the free version, the player starts with 10 plants then faces wave after wave of monkeys. The plants you keep go with you into the next wave, so each wave really matters!

To help you along the way, we’ve added several new features:

1. Pink stars rain down gum into the field

2. Green stars give you a trusty plant to protect your plants

3. Purple stars purple stars give you a random star power like Lullaby or farmer speed boost

4. A rain cloud will come every few levels and give you a few more plants

We had a lot of fun making this special free edition of Catch the Monkey.  Download it and more importantly share it with your friends, enemies, and frenemies!


Behind the Scenes GameDev.net article 4 of 4 now up!

Our fourth and final article on how we built Catch the Monkey on a PC is up!   Article 4 covers Testing, Releasing, and Marketing.  The fun and mistakes never end.

And not to worry, we’re applying all these lessons learned to our next project!

Apple promotes Catch the Monkey in Taiwan iTunes Store

Apple determines the apps that show in their categories like New, New & Notable, What’s Hot, Top Paid, etc.

We just found out today that Catch the Monkey has hit the New Family section of the Taiwan iTunes store.  This only makes sense as Taiwan is full of monkeys, and clearly the Taiwanese see this as a vital training app.

Well, Taiwan, go forth and catch some monkeys!  We’re behind you all the way!

Press Release: Action Doesn’t Need Violence, say Catch the Monkey Creators

Action Doesn’t Need Violence, say Catch the Monkey Creators

Exciting non-violent action iPhone game can be enjoyed by the whole family

Burlington, Canada – January 31, 2012 – Catch the Monkey launches today in the Apple App Store.  This innovative game bucks the action-game trend of using violence to overcome obstacles.  In Catch the Monkey, adorable and curious monkeys invade an elderly farmer’s field.  Players help remove them by using a variety of humorous and non-violent tools.  Game developer Mirthwerx found this radical approach so conceptually difficult, that it almost didn’t happen.

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Catch the Monkey hits the App Store Today!

Today is 2 years in the making.  Catch the Monkey is now available to all iPhone, iPod, and iPad users through the iTunes App Store(android users do not despair, it will be coming very soon!)

We hope the world enjoys playing with the monkeys as much as we enjoyed making them.


Here is the link to the official iTunes store: