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Catch the Monkey an education game!?

Catch the Monkey was featured as one of the “App of the Day” article at Special Needs. com.  The review talks about the game play and concluded with “Catch the Monkey is great for setting priorities, dividing attention, and looking at the big picture, all while you practice visual intelligence and improve fine motor coordination.”  

Mirthwerx were surprised and honored, here is the full write up:

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Catch the Monkey “Kindle Fire” Ready!

We’re excited to announce Catch the Monkey is live on Amazon for Kindle Fire!

For only $0.99, you and your family can enjoy this adorable monkey adventure for hours of fun.

Catch the Monkey “Nook” Ready!

We’re pleased to announce Catch the Monkey on Nook by Barnes & Noble!

For only $2, you and your family can enjoy this adorable monkey adventure for hours of fun.

Available Now at BN.com!

Catch the Monkey Free Edition

 We’re pleased to announce we’re working on a free version of Catch the Monkey for iPhone and Playbook!

This is a whole new Catch the Monkey experience, not just the typical “lite” game.  This free version is designed to be a quick, fun pickup and play game on the go:

  • Protect your limited plants from endless waves of monkey fun!  See how far you can go!
  • New types of stars to catch, like raining bubble gum and magical planters

We’ll be sure to let you know once we’ve submitted the free version to the App Store and App World.

App Store Rankings Can Be Faked Through Bots

Ever wonder “how the heck is that app in the top XX?”  Well it could be the use of download bots.  We just read an article on 148Apps about how this is the industry’s dirty little secret.

The most effective way to financial success of an app is to be listed high in the app store ranking chart, especially the top 100 paid or top 100 free.  The only way to get there is by download volume.  Obviously, to Apple, if an app sells, and they make 30% on sales, they want to push successful apps in front of as many people as they can.  So if your download volume increases, so too does your rank and it becomes a virtuous cycle.

Dishonest marketing firms either with or without their client’s knowledge, use farms of hundreds or thousands of PCs with fake Apple ID accounts to download an app and falsely increase its volume.

We at Mirthwerx would never resort to this tactic.  But we must admit we do understand the temptation.  Catch the Monkey was a lot of blood, sweat, and tears to produce.  We are trying to think of any way possible to get up the App charts so more people can see it and enjoy it.  The allure of bots is powerful.  But like Luke in StarWars, we have to resist the power of the dark side and go forward on our own merit, whatever may result.

This just goes to show with the progression of technology it only increases man’s reach and means, it does nothing to improve his ends.