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Sushi World! (working title)

Mirthwerx is happy to announce our 2nd title “Sushi World (working title)”.  This title has been worked on for more than 2 years, lots of the ideas and teats has gone through building this game and now we are very happy with the result.  Sushi World is a puzzle matching/finding game that has simple game play for casual gamer, yet offered optional competitive play for experienced gamer.  The idea is to prepare sushi combinations for your customers with optional speed bonus, shape bonus and time bonus for gamer who want to rank high on the world wide leader board.  You will be traveling around the world to gain your fame and impress your sushi master for his final approval back in Japan.

The public prototype is 99% done and we will be inviting everyone who is interested to test play and give us feedback very soon.

Be on the look-out for the public beta testing announcement in early July.

There is also prizes to be won from the beta leader board!


Catch the Monkey reviewed by Christ Centered Gamer

We have review from Christ Centered Gamer, here are some high lights:

“The game looks and feels kid friendly with beautiful hand-drawn animations and light catchy jungle music and goofy sound effects. “

Families with young children, however, do have a lot of reasons to love Catch the Monkey.

“Best of all, violence is completely non-existent so parents can feel confident passing their phone or tablet to their children with Catch the Monkey loaded up. “

Read the full review Here.

Technology Tell reviews Catch the Monkey

Good people at Technology Tell gives the break down of Catch the Monkey, here are some high lights:

“The new offering from mirthwerx is a sort of action/arcade game that keeps the violence out while you have to keep the monkeys out.”

“Catch the Monkey is a game that will be fun for kids, especially if they have good hand-eye coordination. It’s also good for the older crowd if you really like games with a higher than average “cute” factor (“…the little monkeys are soooo cute”).”

Read the full review Here.

Catch the Monkey review by iHeartThisapp

Catch the Monkey got reviewed by iHeartThisapp.

“Catch the Monkey is an addictive interactive game app where you help a farmer protect his crops and farm from being overrun by curious monkeys.”

“The premise of the game is simple and silly and those are usually the qualities that make a good game.”

You can read the full review here.

Catch the Monkey Free Released for iPhone!

We’re happy to announce the launch of our new family friendly free game Catch the Monkey Free.

This is not a “lite” version, or crippleware, it’s an entirely self contained free game in the Catch the Monkey universe.

In the free version, the player starts with 10 plants then faces wave after wave of monkeys. The plants you keep go with you into the next wave, so each wave really matters!

To help you along the way, we’ve added several new features:

1. Pink stars rain down gum into the field

2. Green stars give you a trusty plant to protect your plants

3. Purple stars purple stars give you a random star power like Lullaby or farmer speed boost

4. A rain cloud will come every few levels and give you a few more plants

We had a lot of fun making this special free edition of Catch the Monkey.  Download it and more importantly share it with your friends, enemies, and frenemies!