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What Game Themes Do You Like?

Here at the workshop we’ve been tossing around some ideas for our upcoming iPhone/iPad/Android game.  We want to hear from you!  Take 2 minutes and select the themes that appeal to you.  We appreciate it!


Playbook is about to Catch the Monkey

Catch the Monkey is coming to Playbook!  We’re actively working on a HD version of Catch the Monkey for Playbook which we think will be in testing sometime next week.  How long it takes to get into the store after that we don’t know.

Mirthwerx is committed to multi-platform mobile gaming.  We use the industry leading tool
Marmalade to allow us to bring our games to iPhone, Android, Playbook, Windows Phone, and more.  However, it’s one thing to have the tool and another to know how to use it. 🙂

We’re starting our multi-platform experience with Playbook ahead of Android for several reasons.  The simplest reason is testing.  It either works on Playbook or it doesn’t.  Android is more fragmented and therefore requires more testing to be sure it’s right.

App Store Rankings Can Be Faked Through Bots

Ever wonder “how the heck is that app in the top XX?”  Well it could be the use of download bots.  We just read an article on 148Apps about how this is the industry’s dirty little secret.

The most effective way to financial success of an app is to be listed high in the app store ranking chart, especially the top 100 paid or top 100 free.  The only way to get there is by download volume.  Obviously, to Apple, if an app sells, and they make 30% on sales, they want to push successful apps in front of as many people as they can.  So if your download volume increases, so too does your rank and it becomes a virtuous cycle.

Dishonest marketing firms either with or without their client’s knowledge, use farms of hundreds or thousands of PCs with fake Apple ID accounts to download an app and falsely increase its volume.

We at Mirthwerx would never resort to this tactic.  But we must admit we do understand the temptation.  Catch the Monkey was a lot of blood, sweat, and tears to produce.  We are trying to think of any way possible to get up the App charts so more people can see it and enjoy it.  The allure of bots is powerful.  But like Luke in StarWars, we have to resist the power of the dark side and go forward on our own merit, whatever may result.

This just goes to show with the progression of technology it only increases man’s reach and means, it does nothing to improve his ends.

GameDev.net Features Mirthwerx Article

Our first “behind the scenes” journal entry has received a lot of praise, the chief editor has selected it as a “Featured” article and tweeted it out to their 3,800 followers!

We’re glad our lessons learned is interesting to others!

How We Made it: GameDev.net Article Series

Over the next 4 weeks we will be publishing articles at GameDev.net how we made Catch the Monkey.

This is a chance to see behind the scenes at the tools we used, how the initial design of the game started, and you can see how it progressed across 3 phases of design brainstorming.  While the article is intended for developers, there are plenty of pictures for the less technical to enjoy. 🙂

Part 1/4 is about the Design and Prototyping Phase