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Art side of things: Sushi World customer designs

A Sushi restaurant game cant exist without Sushi loving customers come in to challenge your Sushi making skills.  Sushi World’s stage is set in many different countries around the globe, and I need to come up with lots of different customers for each stage.  In this post I am going to show step by step how I design them.

First of all, finding a good model is the key, you need lots of different faces, races, ages, professions… the more divers the better, think of casting for a movie, you need faces with different characteristics, in our case it also need to represent the country.

In this post, i am using my daughter as the example and she will be one of the customer in the China stage. (dont worry i asked her and have her permission before i post her picture :))

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Art side of the things: Sushi World Screen Concepts

Sushi World believe or not started way back in 2009.  We want to create a game that you can experience being a sushi chief, taking care of your customers, manage your ingredients and master your skills with different sushi combinations.  We went through series of design phases about the game and its game play.  Below is our very first prototype back in 2009.

We had 4 slots for different customer types, and thought bubbles of what sushi they have ordered.  Also there is a garbage can at the bottom for manage your ingredients.  The new ingredients will only come into the empty space on the main area, which means you either use it to create a sushi for a customer or you need to throw it in the can.  But beware if you fill the can, you will get FIRED (GAME OVER) from the manager.

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Behind the Scenes GameDev.net article 3 now up!

Our third article giving a behind the scenes view of how we built Catch the Monkey on a PC is up!   Article 3 covers Polishing & Balancing.  Those were crazy times.

These articles have proven to be quite popular!  The first one has hit over 3,000 reads and the second, published just a week ago, is almost at that point.

We’re applying all these lessons learned to our next project!

Catch the Monkey Wallpaper

New Catch the Monkey wallpaper for PC is added, enjoy the cute monkey faces on your PC screen 🙂

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How We Made it: GameDev.net Article Series

Over the next 4 weeks we will be publishing articles at GameDev.net how we made Catch the Monkey.

This is a chance to see behind the scenes at the tools we used, how the initial design of the game started, and you can see how it progressed across 3 phases of design brainstorming.  While the article is intended for developers, there are plenty of pictures for the less technical to enjoy. 🙂

Part 1/4 is about the Design and Prototyping Phase