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Catch the Monkey Full Version “FREE” ~ June 22

As part of App Friday special event hosted by our good friends at MomsWithApps.  Catch the Monkey will be FREE for download, 1 Day Only, June 22 Friday.  Don’t miss this amazing chance to get this amazing game that is fun for the whole family.

Get it at App Store NOW!


Mirthwerx joins Moms with Apps Association

Mirthwerx is proud to announce our approval to join family friendly gaming association Moms with Apps.  They don’t take just anyone, and founder Laurie Akemann said Mirthwerx is just the kind of people Moms with Apps looks for.

Moms with Apps has three core purposes:

For Developers: To provide collaborative, developer-to-developer support by helping each other learn about the evolving mobile app marketplace. Successful independent software developers will lead to more thoughtful and diverse products in new media.

For Parents: To encourage families to think carefully about how they use technology in the home, and to introduce them to the variety of family-friendly apps in our developer network.

For Kids & Technology: To advocate healthy intersections of kids and family life with technology, where technology becomes an interactive tool for real life, and not a screen to hide behind. We believe there is potential in emerging mobile platforms to meet needs for education, communication and accessibility. We strive for our apps to be high-quality, educational, interactive and useful.

We look forward to sharing with and learning from other developers in the program.

Behind the Scenes GameDev.net article 4 of 4 now up!

Our fourth and final article on how we built Catch the Monkey on a PC is up!   Article 4 covers Testing, Releasing, and Marketing.  The fun and mistakes never end.

And not to worry, we’re applying all these lessons learned to our next project!

Catch the Monkey hits AppStore What’s Hot Family List


Today Catch the Monkey has hit the Canadian charts!  In the Games, Family section is a list of the 120 “What’s Hot” games out of the 8,800 titles.  We are #57!  Tell your friends and help us climb the charts to #1!

Apple promotes Catch the Monkey in Taiwan iTunes Store

Apple determines the apps that show in their categories like New, New & Notable, What’s Hot, Top Paid, etc.

We just found out today that Catch the Monkey has hit the New Family section of the Taiwan iTunes store.  This only makes sense as Taiwan is full of monkeys, and clearly the Taiwanese see this as a vital training app.

Well, Taiwan, go forth and catch some monkeys!  We’re behind you all the way!