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Catch the Monkey live on Google play for Android devices!

We’re excited to announce Catch the Monkey is live on Google Play, ready for any Android devices.

For only $1.10, you and your family can enjoy this adorable monkey adventure for hours of fun.


Should game developers embrace free to play models?

In the show Celebrity Rehab, Heidi Fliess (The Hollywood madam) was asked “What is prostitution?”

She answered “The control of money in your life.”

In 2006 I opened a table top gaming retail store called Hobby Kingdom.  At the time a plastic miniatures game called HorrorClix was very popular, so a supplier tried to get us to carry the line.  My purchaser looked at the product and decided it wasn’t good for people to play the game, it had no redeeming value to it, so we wouldn’t carry it.  The supplier was shocked we wouldn’t carry a top selling product line in our store.  He challenged us numerous times to carry it, and finally said “Aren’t you in the business to make money?!”  Our answer was “Yes, but not at any cost.”

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What Game Themes Do You Like?

Here at the workshop we’ve been tossing around some ideas for our upcoming iPhone/iPad/Android game.  We want to hear from you!  Take 2 minutes and select the themes that appeal to you.  We appreciate it!

Press Release: Action Doesn’t Need Violence, say Catch the Monkey Creators

Action Doesn’t Need Violence, say Catch the Monkey Creators

Exciting non-violent action iPhone game can be enjoyed by the whole family

Burlington, Canada – January 31, 2012 – Catch the Monkey launches today in the Apple App Store.  This innovative game bucks the action-game trend of using violence to overcome obstacles.  In Catch the Monkey, adorable and curious monkeys invade an elderly farmer’s field.  Players help remove them by using a variety of humorous and non-violent tools.  Game developer Mirthwerx found this radical approach so conceptually difficult, that it almost didn’t happen.

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Marmalade & Mirthwerx Team Up for Catch the Monkey

Today Mirthwerx is proud to announce we will be working with Marmalade to publish Catch the Monkey to Android, Playbook, and other platforms.

Catch the Monkey is the adorable monkey tickling action game.  Players distract increasing kinds of monkeys with hilarious tools all in an effort to save the Farmer’s potato fields.

Marmalade is the maker of the best cross platform development tools for games.  We chose Marmalade for the creation of Catch the Monkey based on the maturity of the SDK, working in Visual Studio C++, and testing tools.  We plan to build on our Marmalade expertise in future titles.

Catch the Monkey will be in the App Store in Jan 2012, with other platforms to follow shortly.