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Tips on how to play Catch the Monkey and catch those monkeys good!

Gum Placement Strategies

Gum placed at the six entrances where the monkeys land will always slow down the next monkey to enter the farm.  However, you can be sneakier.  Place gum next to a banana.  Monkeys ALWAYS go for bananas, so as soon as they get close enough to eat the banana, they will get slowed by the gum.  Now your banana will last twice as long entertaining the monkey!


Combo: Purple-berry Sports Drink with Scarecrow/Box

Once the monkeys start climbing into the farm, it’s hard to find enough energy to get out the higher cost tools like Scarecrow and Box.  But these are most effective at taking care of monkeys BEFORE they get into the farm.  So by buying the purple-berry sports drink you will start each level with full energy.  You can then get out a box or scarecrow right away before things really get crazy.

Banana Upgrade is the Best!

One of the best first upgrades to get is Banana Bunch!

The Banana upgrade is effectively priced to be available early in the game.  When you flick out one banana, a free extra one goes with it, entertaining twice the number of monkeys!