Catch the Monkey

“The Famigo family wanted to let you know that we absolutely love Catch The Monkey. A fun game with surprising depth and strategy. The monkeys are super adorable and will keep you coming back for more. We thought the app was stellar and gave it a 4 out of 5 star rating.”  —

Available at the following App stores:


Catch the Monkey Title Screen iPhone game

Catch the monkey is the hilarious, adorable, monkey catching game  for iPhone/iPad, Android, and Playbook.



Curious little monkeys are getting into the farmer’s field and eating his potato crop.  Unfortunately the elderly farmer can’t quite catch the monkeys.  It is  your job to distract the monkeys so the farmer can safely remove them from the field.  As you progress new tools and toys are unlocked while more types of monkeys come.

Help the farmer, save the crop, save the farm! 

Monkey Friends

It’s Man vs Monkey.  As the monkeys are turned away, they recruit more of their friends to help get the tasty potatoes.  Who will win?  Why are the monkeys coming in the first place?  How will it ever stop?  Learn these answers and more over 7 weeks of comical adventure!

Challenging Play

Based on how quickly you clear the field of the required number of monkeys, and how many plants you save, AND how many stars you collect, you’ll get a rank.

Pick your Tools

The farmer’s wife finds helpful new tools as your progress through the adventure.  The size of your toolbelt determines how many you can take at a time, so choose wisely!

Collect Stars to Buy Upgrades

When the farmer picks up a monkey a star may pop out.  If you are quick enough to catch it it goes into your star count (displayed in the bottom right corner).  Between levels you can purchase upgrades to help make your job easier with all those adorable little monkeys.


Game Design: Thomas Henshell, Alex T. Lin

Programming: Thomas Henshell, Paul Driegen

Art & Animation: Alex T. Lin

Title Music: Mike Valeri

Story: Rob Cook, Thomas Henshell

Special Thanks: Amanda, Janice, JJ, Jon, Judith, Jumpei, Katherine, Kirsten, Mike, Paul, Peter, Scott, Tom, and Yoshie.

Available at the following App stores:


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