Mirthwerx is the realization of a dream.  A dream to make electronic games.  It’s all about the Art; crafting something unique and engaging to play for people to enjoy.  We all have dreams.  Maybe your dream is to write a book, to be a musician, to live in a particular country, to learn a language.

Almost 20 years ago Thomas and Alex met in HDCH highschool in Ancacster, ON.  From that moment we dreamed of one day making games together.  Over the years we’ve had false starts and obstacles, stutters and stops.  Pursued our individual careers and started families.  But the fire never extinguished, the dream didn’t die.

So here we are making a go of it, with our first title Catch the Monkey for iPhone and Android.  We hope you like our work, and we appreciate your support in the pursuit of a dream.

Dreams cost us something, we must sacrifice for them.
Dreams motivate us, to go where we wouldn’t have gone before.
Dreams test us, to see what stuff we are really made of.
Dreams stretch us, to be someone better than we are.

The only way for a dream to truly end is to stop trying.

Mirthwerx Mission

Our team of ridiculously talented and imaginative people will build creative, engaging, electronic entertainment for the world.  As we do this, we will play an active role in the independent gaming community and be a Light to the gaming industry overall.


Moms With Apps is a collaborative group of family-friendly developers seeking to promote quality apps for kids and families. Mirthwerx has joined Moms with Apps to participate with others in the discussion on family friendly gaming.

Famigo is one of the biggest resources family mobile gaming.  We are proud our first title, Catch the Monkey, qualified as part of their APProved program.

The Team

Mirthwerx is currently composed of two extraordinarily humble  individuals.  It is a unique mixture of East meets West:

Alex T. Lin, 37

Alex grew up in Taiwan watching Manga and playing Japanese console games.  From a young age he was extremely creative with a passion for illustration and art.  He moved to Canada at 16 to be a student and learn English.  He went to Sheridan College for classical animation and graduated in the top of the class.  From there he was recruited by a local animation studio to work on Saturday morning cartoons like Ned’s Newt.  After this he went to work for Dreamwave comics where he worked on several comic books including the #1 seller Transfomers.  After Dreamwave Alex joined with Thomas as a full time artist animator to create mobile games.  Alex enjoys a variety of games including RPG, Strategy, Business Management, Shooters, Racing, Action, MMO, and Puzzle.  Alex also enjoys table top gaming like Euro board games, Magic the Gathering, Warhammer Fantasy, and D&D.  Alex is amazing to work with because he is so patient.


Thomas Henshell, 35

Thomas grew up in Canada and started programming at 6 on a TSR-80.  No, he wasn’t very good at it then, but he likes to think he’s gotten better over the years.  Thomas is a self taught programmer who worked in business software for 15 years in predominately C++ and C#.  The last 8 years were in mobile.  But secretly, at night, when no one was watching, Thomas was building bits of game engines, add ons to games (like the SimCity 4 Auto Saver for instance).  Thomas enjoys all types of games: Sports, FPS, Simulators, RPGs, Strategy, Business Management, Puzzle, Action, MMO, be they Mainstream or Indie, whether on Mobile, Console, or PC.  He also enjoys table top gaming, such as Euro board games, Magic the Gathering, Space Hulk, Warhammer Fantasy, Flames of War, and GMing D&D campaigns.  Thomas is annoying to work with because every day he is bursting with new ideas that supersede the ones he had yesterday.


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