Catch the Monkey Free Released for iPhone!

We’re happy to announce the launch of our new family friendly free game Catch the Monkey Free.

This is not a “lite” version, or crippleware, it’s an entirely self contained free game in the Catch the Monkey universe.

In the free version, the player starts with 10 plants then faces wave after wave of monkeys. The plants you keep go with you into the next wave, so each wave really matters!

To help you along the way, we’ve added several new features:

1. Pink stars rain down gum into the field

2. Green stars give you a trusty plant to protect your plants

3. Purple stars purple stars give you a random star power like Lullaby or farmer speed boost

4. A rain cloud will come every few levels and give you a few more plants

We had a lot of fun making this special free edition of Catch the Monkey.  Download it and more importantly share it with your friends, enemies, and frenemies!


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