Playbook is about to Catch the Monkey

Catch the Monkey is coming to Playbook!  We’re actively working on a HD version of Catch the Monkey for Playbook which we think will be in testing sometime next week.  How long it takes to get into the store after that we don’t know.

Mirthwerx is committed to multi-platform mobile gaming.  We use the industry leading tool
Marmalade to allow us to bring our games to iPhone, Android, Playbook, Windows Phone, and more.  However, it’s one thing to have the tool and another to know how to use it. 🙂

We’re starting our multi-platform experience with Playbook ahead of Android for several reasons.  The simplest reason is testing.  It either works on Playbook or it doesn’t.  Android is more fragmented and therefore requires more testing to be sure it’s right.

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