Art side of things – Monkey designs

As a trained classical animator, it is natural for me to start a project with character and layout design.  These two elements set the tone of the game, so it is critical not to rush through the design process.  Once the master designs have been set, I can then move forward into animation tasks.

Here are some of the design pieces of the monkey:

This is the finial monkey design, but it took us about 25 days to come to this conclusion…

Below are the very first rough sketches of the monkey.

huge bug eyes…

monkey business…

Yep, monkey laughing, you are going to see a lot of that in this game.  Although these design are good, they still don’t look cute enough…

Are they cute enough now?  (yes, but too “anime”…)

these are more monkey like, but still not good enough on the “cute” side… we need a toddler monkey.

Woo.. this one is close, very close.

this is IT!  We got our toddler monkey 🙂

Final finished master design of the monkey.

After 25 days of hair pulling, yelling, screaming, cat fighting, nail-biting, we finally agreed on the monkey design.  Hope you enjoy this post, and I will see you very soon for more “Art side of things”.

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