What is Catch the Monkey?

Catch the Monkey Title Screen iPhone game

Catch the monkey is an upcoming game for the iPhone/iPad (and android once we release the iOS versions).  It is being made by two ridiculously talented people called MirthWerx.

(screenshots are from actual play of our work in progress, we’re still working on them)

The Gist of It

Curious little monkeys are getting into the farmer’s field and eating his potato crop.  Unfortunately the farmer is an old grandpa and can’t quite catch the monkeys.  It is  your job, should you choose to accept it, to use tools to distract the monkeys so the farmer can safely remove them from the field.


As you progress the monkeys come faster and more types of monkeys come.  To help you along the way, new tools become available and it is up to you to use the best tool for the job to protect the farm!

 Challenging Play

Try to score better than the developers

Based on how quickly you clear the field of the required number of monkeys, and how many plants you save, AND how many stars you collect, you’ll get a rank.  Only if you get the elusive S Rank will you be able to get your score onto the leaderboard (well that’s the plan anyway).

Collect Stars to Buy Upgrades

There is a chance when the farmer picks up a monkey that a star will pop out.  If you are quick enough to catch it it goes into your star count (displayed in the bottom right corner).  Between levels you can purchase upgrades to help make your job easier with all those curious little monkeys.  New tools become available as you progress through the waves of monkeys.


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